A long, long time ago, in a galaxy... I was shooting a little at night out of a car window as we were moving. When it seemed pointless, I put away the camera and rejoined the civilized world. Days later, when I picked up the processed pictures, I had all of the expected ones and a few streaky shots of red and green with some white and blue intermixed. I immediately recognized them as the shots I took out the window. Thus was born what I've come to call Night Painting.

  Simply put, the idea is to open the shutter from anywhere upwards of a second with the f-stop on the higher end, aim at sources or points of light and move the camera. I will review what I've taken on the screen and then decide whether to open the the aperture more (or less) and whether to go for a longer time exposure.

  These are some of the shots I've taken recently with the new camera. Some were taken at Yankee Stadium, some at CitiField (both baseball stadia) and others were taken from a moving car of lights on the side of the road or in front of us.  Incidentally, I wasn't driving...

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